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ceramic matcha whisk stand jade
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ceramic matcha whisk stand jade and black
whisk stand with bamboo whisk

Matcha Whisk Stand

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A Matcha Whisk Stand (known as a Chasen Naoshi or Kusenaoshi ) is specially designed to maintain the curved-shape of a matcha whisk. It is also used for storage and air-drying your bamboo whisk.

With repeated use, a bamboo matcha whisk (chasen) will naturally lose its curved shape. Using a Matcha Whisk Stand, helps the bamboo matcha whisk (chasen) return to its original curved shape and to properly air-dry, which helps to prevent mould. So your bamboo matcha whisk (chasen) can last longer... by two to three times its natural life-span!



  • Size: 6.2cm (diameter) x 7.3cm (length)
  • Weight: 148g
  • Material:¬†Porcelain, ceramic

How To Use 

Place your whisk stand (chasenaoshi) somewhere cool and dry. Put your bamboo whisk on it after rinsing with cold water, gently push down your whisk a little bit until the curly end perfectly fits on the stand as shown.