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Bamboo Matcha Whisk Chasen
Bamboo Matcha Whisk Chasen
Bamboo Matcha Whisk Chasen

Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen)

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Our Bamboo Matcha Whisk is handcrafted from a single piece of high quality Golden Bamboo, with 80 fine prongs, which is ideal for producing a rich creamy foam on the top of your matcha tea!

Using a Bamboo Matcha Whisk (known as Chasen) is the best way to produce a smooth and foamy matcha tea without any unpleasant clumps.

They have been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries and are essential for the correct preparation of Matcha.



  • Size: 6cm (diameter) x 10.8cm (length)
  • Weight: 50g
  • Material: Golden bamboo


How To Use

Whisk your Matcha powder with hot water in a 'W' or 'M' motion until a foam covers the entire top of the Matcha.

Care Instructions

The bamboo whisk is a delicate utensil and the prongs can easily break or grow mold if not looked after properly. Follow these simple steps, to ensure you get the maximum life out of your Bamboo whisk.

  • Place the prongs of the whisk in hot water for about 10 seconds before using. This softens and makes the prongs more flexible, reducing the chance of breaking.
  • When whisking, do not apply downward force and avoid the prongs from hitting the bottom of the bowl.
  • After using the whisk, rinse it immediately and make sure there is no Matcha powder remaining on it. Do not use soapy water to wash your bamboo whisk.
  • Dry your bamboo whisk. The best way to do this is by placing it on a whisk stand.¬†This ensures it will dry properly and also keeps the bamboo whisk in shape.¬†

    Note: After using your bamboo whisk for the first time you will notice that the centre unravels and the curls on the end of the prongs straighten out a bit. This means the whisk has bloomed and is perfectly normal. However to retain the ideal shape for your whisk, we recommend storing it on a whisk stand.

    If you would still like to more about Bamboo Whisks check out our Ultimate Guide. It includes everything you need to know, from how they are made, why you need one and how to look after it to maximise its lifespan.