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Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Chawan) Starry Black
Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Chawan) Snowy Jade
Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Chawan) Snowy Jade And Starry Black

Handmade Matcha Bowl (Chawan)

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A matcha tea bowl (known as a Chawan) is used as a teacup to drink matcha tea in traditional Japanese tea ceremony. 

To make sure your matcha froths well, not only do you need a bamboo whisk, but also, a perfect shape and size matcha bowl. This will help you move the whisk fast enough and reach every corner of the matcha bowl without splashing matcha out of the bowl.   

All of our matcha bowls are hand-made with traditional crafts and designed to work well with bamboo matcha whisks.


  • Size: 11.3cm (diameter) x 6.5cm (length)
  • Weight: 320g
  • Material: Ceramic

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash after each use